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As an Open Source project, Open webOS is developed in public under the Apache 2.0 license and hosted on Github. For more information, read about our Governance Model.


How Do I Contribute?

Learn how to add a feature, port a device or check for bugs. Learn more

Report A Bug

If you want to report a new bug or tackle a known bug, visit our bug tracker.

Get Source Code

Browser Project:
Our Sister Project Enyo:

Join the Discussion

Discuss and collaborate with your fellow developers and users on the Open webOS Forum and Mailing List.

Who Should Contribute?

App Developers

The primary means of developing apps will be via JavaScript-based application frameworks. Open webOS will be optimized for the Enyo framework, but other JavaScript frameworks can also be used. Developers can enhance our Core Applications such as Email, Calendar and Contacts, or bring new applications for consideration.

Sys UI Developers
The webOS user experience is delivered by the System UI, based on Webkit and Qt. Developers can add new features and integrate other open source technologies to enhance the user experience. You can see great examples of contributions already made in the Community Edition, managed by our friends at webOS-internals.
OS Core Developers
Our platform portability layer (PPL), code-named Nyx Project, is the basis for porting webOS to new architectures and hardware. Developers can work from the Linux kernel on up to the System UI and System Services, including enhancing the PPL itself.
Enthusiast users can help with documentation, help with testing and submit bugs, and discuss features. Come discuss with us on the mailing lists.

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