Open webOS

What is Open webOS

Open webOS is the next generation of web-centric platforms built to run on a wide range of form factors. The Open webOS Project is a key part of the ecosystem of our company, along with the webOS cloud services product offerings and the Enyo Open Source Project.



Truly Open Source

Open webOS is an open and transparent platform, which is under continuous development by our community of Linux and web development enthusiasts. We have adopted the Apache 2.0 License Model to make it easy for users to modify, use and distribute the code.




Exceptional User Experience

The highly acclaimed user experience found on the Pre and TouchPad is now available for developers to enhance or port to their device of choice.



Freedom to Innovate

As a web-centric platform, Open webOS provides developers with the foundation to innovate using the latest web technologies. It features an intuitive user experience that can be used on all types of devices. Developing for Open webOS gives you the opportunity to:

  • Port to your hardware of choice, giving you the freedom to determine what devices will use this platform
  • Add, modify and change features, coding the system to your specifications
  • Work in partnership with our internal experts, driving the direction of future versions



Vibrant Developer Community

This is your chance to help build a vibrant and loyal Open webOS community. Our internal experts are creative, enthusiastic and are looking for like-minded developers to work collaboratively to advance and enhance the Open webOS platform.  Learn more