Open webOS

Getting Started

Understand the Contribution Guidelines

  1. Review the Governance Model
  2. Learn How We Accept Contributions

Get the Build up and running

Choose what you environment you want to build:

  1. To build Open webOS on the desktop, refer to the Desktop Build instructions
  2. To build non-native images on a host machine, refer to the OpenEmbedded Build instructions
  3. To build an individual component, refer to the build instructions located in the for that repo on Github
We recommend starting with #1.
You'll need to have Git setup in your development environment before you start.

Make Your Changes

We support the Github "pull request" mechanism for making contributions.

  1. Sign up for a GitHub account if you don't already have one
  2. Visit the github repo for the component that you'd like to work on 
  3. In the upper right-hand side of the component's repo page, click on the Fork option
  4. Clone your forked repo to your local workstation
  5. Tell the build to use that clone instead of the repo unpacked by the build
  6. Making and test your changes
  7. Submit them to the project !

Please review How We Accept Contributions for more information on the requirements your contributions must satisfy.