Open webOS

Building Open webOS

Desktop Build

The Desktop build is a simulator that runs on Ubuntu 32-bit desktop and uses its native (hardware-accelerated) OpenGL graphics. The simulator contains all of the Open webOS code (except for the kernel), and it can be compiled as a 32-bit Ubuntu desktop and still run on a 64-bit Ubuntu desktop.

To build, install, and run scripts for Open webOS on an Ubuntu Linux desktop computer, please refer to the build-desktop GitHub repository found here:

OpenEmbedded Build

The OpenEmbedded build is used to build non-native images (i.e. ARM) on a host machine. The emulator is included in the OpenEmbedded Build with the device target defined in the last mcf step.

To set-up, build, and run webos in the qemux86 emulator, ARM emulator, or other emulator, and for procedures about adding a new package to webOS, please refer to the build-webos GitHub repository found here: