Open webOS

Porting Open webOS

The Open webOS project has been built upon OpenEmbedded (OE) to facilitate porting to new devices and to simplify concurrent porting efforts.

Porting to a new device typically involves:

  1. Setting up the existing build environment.
  2. Adding your layer.
  3. Implementing the portability modules for your hardware.

Using webOS OE and Yocto BSP

Use the following steps to put the webOS OpenEmbedded layer on top of a Yocto BSP layer.

  1. Build the Open webOS components found here:
  2. The OE meta-webos layer found here: is included in step #1.
  3. Put the OE layer on top of the Yocto BSP Layer:

Platform Portability Layer (Nyx)

Nyx is the platform portability layer used to isolate the remainder of Open webOS from dependencies on the hardware and core OS upon which it is running. It is implemented as a shared library that exposes a uniform client API and that expects to call into a series of platform-dependent modules that implement the API for a particular device.

The nyx-lib GitHub repository is located here:

Learn more in the Creating a Platform Portability Layer Module tutorial.